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In the Media

When we are approached by the press, we'll try to use your products to shout about and to prove how easy it is to be vegan.
We are a charity providing information and advoacy - as such we are not seen as potential advertisers and have an unusually warm relationship with editors and journalists.


Social Media

We have an official Vegan Society Facebook page that, at the date of writing, has 109 thousand fans - and growing! ( For more details on how we promote our trademarked companies on this page, please email of phone into the trademark department.


Internal promotions

We publish a range of books and leaflets, and a quarterly colour magazine - The Vegan.
Whether you want to run a giveaway or special offer, there is a way to appeal to new customers and improve your sales. All new Trademark Holders are offered a free staff-written review of your products in our published magazine which goes straight to the doors of your potential customers (terms and conditions apply).

Our standard advertising rates are discounted for Trademark Holders - enabling you to save money with your registration.


The Web

Our website attracts thousands of visitors a week and receives one million hits a month. You will receive an automatic listing on our Trademark and Animal-Free products pages, reaching numerous potential customers and increasing your exposure.


World Vegan Day
Vegan Week
Trade shows
Consumer shows

 *NB: all information accurate at time of writing. Feel free to get in touch to find out the latest

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