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Paid Vacancies

Paid vacancies, deadline Tue 1 Apr 2014

Media and PR Mentor vacancy

Media and PR Mentor vacancy

Great Vegan Athlete of 2013 - Fiona Oakes nominated

Great Vegan Athlete of 2013 - Fiona Oakes nominated

Senior Media and Communications Officer

Senior Media & Comms Officer wanted

No Badger Blame Game

No Badger Blame Game

In vitro meat is distraction from veganism

In vitro meat = distraction from veganism

Veganism on BBC Radio 4, Sunday, 21 July 2013

Veganism on BBC Radio 4, Sunday, 21 July 2013

Eat less meat or face food shortages, say MPs

Eat less meat or face food shortages, say MPs

Vegan Children Get it Right

Children have a right to know how food is produced

New paid vacancy - apply

New Finance and Resources Manager vacancy

Join us at V Delicious, Cheltenham Science Festival and the Big IF

Upcoming events, don't miss your FREE V Delicious tickets

Jasmijn de Boo, Vegan Society CEO, Vegan Wins Women's Race in North Pole Marathon

Jasmijn, in Huffington Post, Fiona Oakes wins Women's Race in North Pole Marathon

Vegan marathoner wins North Pole women's race and sets course record

Fiona Oakes wins North Pole Marathon women’s race, smashes 2008 record

New paid vacancies - apply

Two posts open at The Vegan Society, in Media & Fundraising

Jasmijn de Boo, Vegan Society CEO, on EU Cosmetics Testing Ban in Huffington Post

Jasmijn de Boo, Vegan Society CEO, on EU Cosmetics Testing Ban in Huffington Post

Vegan Society CEO on health benefits - The Sun

Jasmijn de Boo, Vegan Society CEO, on health benefits of veganism in The Sun

New paid vacancies

Two posts open at The Vegan Society, in Media & Fundraising

Our call to UK Government: Look at vegan farming

The Vegan Society challenge the UK Government: "Take a proper look at the benefits of a move away from animal farming."

Annual Review 2011-2012

The Vegan Society Annual Review 2011-12

London Vegan Fete on TV

Watch London Vegan Fete feature online, from the Sky London 360 Community Channel show.

Veganism in Focus

Compassion towards all animals? A plant based diet for health reasons? Caring about the environment? What does being vegan mean to you? Enter The Vegan magazine photo competition.

Farming for Forever report

Farming for Forever - Truly Sustainable Agriculture

World Vegan Month - how will you celebrate?

World Vegan Month - how will you celebrate?

Vegan ethics in Sunday Times

Ethics of non-human animal use by humans

Vegans got talent

£405 raised - thank you!

A chance to grow

CEO blog post: Recent vegan sporting achievements

Response to 'Can cheap food be produced sustainably?'

Response to The Guardian's "Can cheap food be produced sustainably?"

Run, vegan, run!

Run, vegan, run! A new blog post from The Vegan Society CEO.

New Vegan Society website: Guide to Vegan Living

Vegan Society launches new website: "Guide to Vegan Living"

free from and freedom

CEO Jasmijn explores the links between "Free From" and Freedom.

Vegan Society CEO's guest blog for Transition Network 'Diet and the Environment' week

Vegan Society CEO, Jasmijn de Boo, opens the Transition Network week on ‘Diet and the Environment’ with a blog on the impact of ‘meat’ on the environment.

Vegan Society's Vegan Pavilion at Natural and Organic Products Europe

The Vegan Society has organised a Vegan Pavilion featuring our trademarked companies at the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show on 1-2 April.

Vegan Fiona faces toughest marathon challenge

Please sponsor Elite vegan runner Fiona Oakes for the Marathon des Sables, and raise funds for The Vegan Society.

Vegan stance on red meat risks

Healthy vegan diets can avoid all the risks of eating 'meat'.

meatout uk 2012

Email to get involved in Meatout UK 2012

Stock-free farming gives MPs food for thought

Stock-free farming gives MPs food for thought.

World Vegan Day Adjournment Debate

UK Parliament live televised debate on vegan solutions to hunger, climate change and unhealthy diets.

The Vegan Society Awards 2011(2)

The Vegan Society Awards 2011

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over Parliament

UK MPs will see & taste the case for vegan diets & stock-free farming on World Vegan Day.

World Vegan Day approaches

World Vegan Month is nearly here! Time to share & celebrate your vegan passions.

Why do we love dogs and eat pigs?

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is right to point out our cultural prejudice to call puppies, 'pets', and pigs, 'food'. We need neither puppies nor pigs as food - we are free to stop exploiting all animals.

Vegan UK Cupcake Champion

The UK National Cupcake Champion of 2011 is a Lime and Coconut vegan cupcake from Vegan Trademark holder, Absolute Treats.

Statement from The Vegan Society about Vitamin D3

We have Trademarked one vitamin D3 product - other claims of vegan vitamin D3 continue to be questionable.

Vegan Society New CEO is Jasmijn de Boo

The Vegan Society are delighted to announce that our new CEO will be Jasmijn de Boo. She will take up the post on Monday 5 September 2011.

Vegans arrested in Spain

The Vegan Society call on the Spanish authorities to respect the rights of the vegans recently arrested in Spain.

The Vegan Society Awards 2011

The Vegan Society Awards 2011 are now open for nominations!

Ask Google to Doodle for World Vegan Day

Ask Google to Doodle for World Vegan Day

Plants at the heart

Plants must be the heart of a re-designed global food system: stock-free growing and vegan diets are key.

Making the Connection

"Making the Connection" - a film exploration of an exciting lifestyle which combines delicious, healthy food with tackling global challenges.

Vegan Healthy Planet Eating

The global water, climate and food security crises are so severe, we must all consider and advocate plant-based diets as a major part of their solution.

Vacancy: Business Development Assistant

Job vacancy: Business Development Assistant, closing date Fri 5 Nov 2010.

Vegan Fiona Oakes triumphs in Great North Run

Vegan Fiona Oakes triumphs in half-marathon.

Vegan Fiona Oakes wins GNR 'Womens Masses'

Vegan Fiona Oakes wins Great North Run 'Womens Masses' race

First Vegan Sunflower Standard School

The first Vegan 'Sunflower Standard' school.

Vegan Society AGM 2010

Our AGM 2010 is on Sat 20 Nov in Birmingham.

George Monbiot - our reply

We argue and act against the global food destruction system called 'animal farming'.

Team Vegan to rock Great North Run
We will smash the tired old myth of the 'weedy vegan'.
New Scientist - our reply published

New Scientist - our reply published: "[T]here is a strong environmental case for switching from meat to plant-based alternatives."

New Scientist - vegan for the planet

The Vegan Society has written to New Scientist magazine to respond to their cover story, "What happens if we all quit meat? Why eating greens won't save the world." by Bob Holmes.

Ivor Kemp 1933 – 2010

We regret to announce the sudden death at his home of Ivor Kemp, a Life Member of The Vegan Society since 1986.

`Vegan’ – a legally protected term

A long-running ‘ask’ of The Vegan Society has been granted, as the European Parliament makes ‘vegan’ a legally protected term.  This means that food labelled, ‘suitable for vegans’ should not be made using anything from animals, living or dead.

The UK Equality Act: Letter to Ofcom

Nigel Winter, CEO of The Vegan Society, has written to the CEO of Ofcom concerning the rights of vegans on UK TV and radio programmes.

Information Officer Vacancy

INFORMATION OFFICER VACANCY Applications are invited for the post of Information Officer. The successful applicant would report to the Head of Information. This is an office based role working a 37½ hour week Monday to Friday but may involve occasional

UN calls for shift 'away from animal products'

UN says global sustainability will 'only be possible' with a shift 'away from animal products' A new report 1 from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has concluded that a global shift away from eating meat and dairy is the

Finance Officer and Office Manager Vacancy

Vacancy Finance Officer and Office Manager Applications are invited for the vacancy of Finance Officer and Office Manager, based at The Vegan Society office in Birmingham, UK. The closing date for applications is Fri 18 Jun 2010. Please see our

Harry Mather : Jun 1924 - May 2010

Harry Mather June 1924 – May 2010 It is with great regret that we announce the death of Harry Mather, one of the great pioneering vegans of our time. His contribution was immense and spanned nearly half a century. He

Vegans bid for Great North Run success

Team Vegan will "smash the myth of the 'weedy vegan'".

Vegan Infant Formula

There is no vegan-suitable infant formula on sale in the UK.

Policies for Party Manifestos

Our Vegan Manifesto has key policy ideas for all political parties.

Veganism: A protected belief

Veganism a protected belief under UK Equality Law: The Vegan Society Chair of Trustees, George Rodger, wrote to the UK Minister for Women & Equality:

Vegan Radio 'Thought'

A Vegan 'Thought for the Day' on BBC WM

Our Year in Review 2009

A summary of some of the work of The Vegan Society during 2009.

The Vegan Winter 2009 out now!

The Winter 2009 edition of The Vegan magazine is out now!

The Vegan Autumn 2009 Out Now

The Autumn 2009 issue of The Vegan magazine is out now!

Vegan Society AGM 2009

The Vegan Society's 2009 AGM will be held on Saturday 21st November.  

JD Wetherspoon

Wetherspoon's get vegan

Swine Flu

The swine flu pandemic.

Pizza Express and Vegans

Pizza Express have been inundated by feedback from more than 200 vegans, vegetarians and others seeking a clearly labelled vegan option on the standard Pizza Express menu.

Healthy Vegan Infants

The Vegan Society cannot get involved with specific cases, but we can say that a well researched and well balanced vegan diet is suitable for pregnant women, babies and children.

Take The Vegan Pledge
Free personal coaching for a healthy new way of eating
Vegan Friendly Catering

Vegan Friendly catering is great for everyone! The Vegan Society invites all caterers to join their free Vegan Friendly Promise scheme.

Vegans Reply To UK Farmers

The Vegan Society agree with NFU president Peter Kendall that we in the UK "should be working hard now to be part of the solution to ‘feeding the nine billion’".

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