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Meatout 2012 comes to the UK



The Vegan Society are co-ordinating the 2012 Meatout UK event. We're aiming to distribute hundreds of free vegan food samples to non-vegans across the UK on or around Tue 20 March 2012.

Meatout is a successful grass-roots programme, which runs in two dozen countries and started in the USA nearly 30 years ago.

Want to organise a Meatout UK free vegan food giveaway? Email Amanda to find out more.

Please arrange your own samples. You will need to complete HACCP - if you are unsure, stick to commercially prepared foods sold at room temperature, and give them out in their original packaging. Here are the generous companies offering samples of their vegan-friendly products to Meatout UK 2012 events, plus possible funding sources.

Ways to get some of your samples for Meatout UK 2012
To apply, register on the VegFund grants system.
May fund approved vegan food, serving equipment, leaflets & stand fees for giving vegan food tasting samples to non-vegans.
Read the VegFund FAQ for details. Please allow at least 3 weeks for your application to be considered.
Contact: Beanie's Healthfood
Products: Polony, Sausage rolls (room temperature)
NB Minimum size: 10 kg, suitable for c. 400 people tasting.
In your email, please say how many samples you plan to distribute to how many people, & the group name if applicable.
Vegan Trademark registered products. 
Bute Island Foods - Sheese
Contact: Bute Island Foods to ask for samples of their Sheese range.
In your email, please give us details of how many samples you plan to distribute to how many people, the date of your event, your name & your group name if applicable, plus your address & a contact telephone number.
Vegan Trademark registered products.
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You can find out more about global Meatout events from the main Meatout Web site.  Do search for events in your area and register your events there, too!

Receiving food samples

NB You must sign for the delivery of food sample parcels at the exact time it is delivered - otherwise your samples will spoil back at the depot. This is why you will be asked for a contact phone number to go on the courier package, so the delivery officer can double-check that you are ready to receive the samples as they arrive. If your Meatout UK event is associated with an organisation or group, please give your name c/o that organisation or group, even if you then give your personal postal address (do not use a PO Box).

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